Gail Galarneau
2013-01-17 14:30

I have always dabbled with the creative process in many ways. From as far back as I can remember I was soothed by creativity. It’s so miraculous to take a blank paper or canvas and an idea and watch the magic unfold.

It is a great honor to be showing my work among the unique and talented artists featured at Local Colors! The creative energy at the gallery is inspiring and supportive: two things artists need to keep creating!

I love visiting the gallery and my paintings; hopefully it will have the same effect on you!




Jeff Clay
2013-01-16 16:35

Trained in the sciences and working professionally in the information technology field, I am largely a self-taught photographer who has been creating images for over three decades. In early 2008 I embarked on a new phase of my life by launching Clayhaus Photography. Since that time I have been developing my personal approach to fine art photography by acquiring a high level of technical skill as well as refining the creative expression that is my “artistic voice.” This has resulted in a growing collection of rich and diverse portfolios.

I’ve always loved the twin pursuits of exploring and discovery, whether they are in the natural or built landscapes. Both are now closely linked to my photographic processes and creations. In the field, I control the subject matter and composition and seek with my eyes and cameras the photograph to take. Working later, with my computer, I make the image my imagination wills. The camera and the computer, field and office, exploration and discovery, all are the yin and yang of my work guided by skill, created by artistic intent.

Reflecting different personal interests, my photographic techniques and subjects are also diverse. Gothic cathedrals, still life, dusty mediaeval villages, modern architecture, abstract patterns of light and shadow, remote desert valleys, these and more are all parts of the varied canvas I photograph. I also utilize unique photographic techniques and tools including infrared photography, black and white conversion, bracketed exposure blending, and the panorama format.

Since starting Clayhaus Photography, I have had solo shows as well as been part of group gallery exhibits and have participated in a number of festivals and arts-and-crafts markets. I’ve also won a number of professionally-judged competitions.

In 2009, I joined Local Colors of Utah Gallery. I have enjoyed the gallery experience and the community-oriented environment of a cooperative suits both my personality and my work. I vary my work from month-to-month, sometimes with all color photographs, sometimes all infrared black-and-white images.

In addition to the gallery, my work is available for viewing on my Clayhaus Photography website. You can also connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, my portfolio site, and/or my Clayhaus Ruminations blog site