Conversation with a Visitor

I was working one of my shifts at the gallery today and had a wonderful gentleman come in.  First thing he said as he walked through the door was "I would love to look around; however, I do not have money to buy anything."  I assured him that a gallery is as much for "looking" as selling.  He stated that he had walked by several times but did not come in as he felt he did not have the time or the money to make a purchase.   Today he decided to take the time.  We had a very enjoyable conversation.  He told me of his art ventures and how he does not use conventional mediums for his art.  I found myself telling him about some of my unconventional mediums, such as tree bark, which I used in one of my jewelry pieces.  We swapped stories and by the end of our conversation we both had come up with new ideas for our own art.

After he left I got to wondering about how many people walk past the gallery, but will not come in because they feel they need to purchase something.  Granted, every artist in the gallery wants to sell their art; however in reality we are in the gallery because we love art.  We love being around other artists and we love those that will take the time to truly look, see, and experience art.  We especially love those that will take time to converse with us about our art.   FYI – All artists love to talk about art almost as much as creating art.

Since the gallery is in the business of selling, I am hopeful that our patrons will keep our gallery in mind when they have the opportunity to buy a gift for that special someone or even as a gift for themselves.   However, the time someone spends looking, talking about, and experiencing art is the greatest compliment an artist can receive.  Hopefully, I will talk to you soon at Local Colors.


Debbie is a jewelry artist specializing in mixed metals, enhanced with precious and semi-precious stones and often uses unconventional mediums.  She lives in Riverton, Utah with, Jim, her wonderfully supportive husband.  Debbie is proud to be an active member of Local Colors Fine Art Gallery.