Mary Pusey

Artist Statement
I love all forms of art. I paint with watercolors and acrylics. My joy in color and texture spills over into my love of making jewelry! I love the feel of the different surfaces of beads and findings. I love putting colors together to create a mood for my jewelry. I love putting together unexpected beads and findings and being excited by the result. I began this journey making jewelry for myself, but it has turned into a love of making my jewelry art.
Then came wire! Reading books and exploring different techniques led to working with wire. I use silver-filled and sterling silver wire, copper wire, and artistic colored wire. I incorporate my own wire findings into my pieces.  I love using wire as the thread to sew a beautiful painting. I find stones, metal pieces, and any findings that have potential, and wrap them with lovely metal and glass beads and crystals on silver wire.
My most recent project, a small beaded purse attached to my belt while I ride my Harley, has led me to creating patterns for other beaded purses. There is no end in sight. Creativity is such an addiction!
Mary was born in Murray, Utah, and grew up in the neighboring city of Midvale. She loved to draw as a young child, usually horses. She asked her father if he would sell his car and get her an all-white horse to keep in the garage. Obviously, that didn’t happen! But she didn’t stop drawing those horses! As an adult, she began painting in a class that taught watercolor techniques for the classroom. What started as a way to bring art into her classroom ended in a love of painting.
What draws Mary to painting also draws her to jewelry. She expresses her love of color and texture in jewelry, a painting to be worn. She enjoys weaving beads, using wire as thread, and creating beaded patterns for purses.
Mary is excited to exhibit jewelry at Local Colors.  She lives in Holladay, Utah, with her husband. You can visit her website, her Local Colors online gallery, and of course here in-person at Local Colors Gallery. You can also contact her by email.