Neena Plant

A lifelong artist, working in watercolor & acrylic with her own photos as subject matter & as photographic art. Her subject-matter choices are varied, from floral to figurative, landscape to the imagined.

Neena is a third-generation artist. Watercolor has been her medium of choice since the mid 80′s. In addition to her work in watercolor, Neena worked as a graphic artist, has done silver-smith and silver casting work, lapidary, and some special effects makeup. Whether representational, abstract, or somewhere between, Neena views art as an emotional statement by the artist, to communicate on levels both above and below the conscious mind.




Artist Statement...I've always thought of myself as an artist first, and find it interesting that both the scientific mind and the artist are said to view truth as beautiful and beauty as truth. These few words may not inform you of my work as will the work itself, but I can speak to you in rational terms. I often find myself interested in the reflections on surfaces we don’t normally think of as reflective. In predawn light, I see a blending of red taillights and stoplights with the green from the light as it turns, becoming lavender as it hits the rivers of tar meant to patch cracks in the road. I’m interested in the colors shining off cement barriers between lanes of traffic in the dark or on a rainy night. These and other reflections make me wish I had a driver so I could use my camera to capture as I see them; instead I keep them in my mind’s eye to influence my painting.

My goals as a painter are to express my concept of beauty in even the mundane, whether in nature, in a dream, or from my imagination. I often find that an image stays with me until a work is completed. I feel that art should express the artist's inner beauty and passion to the world outside. Whether creating images that are representational, abstract, or somewhere between, I view art as an emotional statement by the artist, to communicate with the viewer on levels both above and below the conscious mind. My medium of choice for many years has transparent watercolor, though as I grow more proficient as a photographer and as an acrylic painter, I find these to be increasingly enjoyable. My other creative pursuits include silver casting, lapidary, wheel thrown and hand built pottery, and a portion of my soul is expressed as a poet.

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