When Stone Speaks...Many Spirits, a Journey

There are times we enter a journey of thought and of wonderment.
For me, the journey is directed by the recall of “When stone speaks,” through the natural passages in each mineral stain, schist, and countless cracks that allow me to render their presence.
Many Spirits opened a spiritual search for the collaboration and conclusions I justify as an artist. It becomes an innate challenge to concert the many spirits and provide a window for the viewer to pass through. These elements remain a permanent recording for the viewers discernment.
The characters in this piece represent the life of a mountain man, noting his encounters and associations. One begins to imagine his life’s journey, and can somehow feel his surroundings begin to unfold. 
A history of one person, which will take you for a dance in your own thoughts and resolutions.
My work is a window which will open your minds eye to discern your own conclusions.
What do you see?
Enjoy the journey.

Felix Saez, a self taught artist, was born in Bingham Canyon, UT. He currently resides in Park City, UT. As an artist creates a spiritual existence upon nature's canvas, Felix brings to life his subject matter from within the artistic realm and paints and carves upon natural stone. Using the many attributes that each stone provides, he creates his one-of-a-kind pieces. Each painting represents a presence of a sculpture-like feature of its own natural origin, allowing each image to have complete authenticity. See more of Felix's work on his website and enjoy his video interview.